Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Afghanistan: 10 Years and No Ending


Afghanistan War News Digest,

October 11, 2011

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As the war in Afghanistan enters its second decade, one theme of recent news coverage has been that the situation there has not improved overall in the past 10 years. There have been reports of increased opium demand and production, high rates of maternal mortality, and continuing disputes over parliamentary election results. One particularly disturbing report has been the UN’s investigation revealing systematic torture among Afghan security and police officials; the US involvement in these incidents was not officially looked into, but is inconclusive and the subject of debates. Finally, there were several reminders of the fact that the US has been at war with Afghanistan for 10 years.

U.N. Finds ‘Systematic’ Torture in Afghanistan A detailed UN report found systematic torture by Afghan intelligence and police officials. The report did not assess the level of US military involvement or knowledge in these abuses, but questions have been raised about US support for Afghan intelligence and police forces.

Opium Surges in Afghanistan According to the UN, opium production surged 61% in Afghanistan in 2011. This is due to rising demand and worsening security.

Abducted aid workers freed in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, four Afghan aid workers employed by the French agency ACTED were released unharmed.

Birth and Death: Afghanistan's Struggles with Maternal Mortality,8599,2094031,00.html#ixzz1aVSBxa6A

On Afghanistan’s high maternal mortality rate, and the difficulties Afghan women face when giving birth.

Lawmakers End Boycott of Parliament in Afghanistan

Last month, dozens of members of Afghanistan’s Parliament walked out in protest of the disputed results of the previous parliamentary elections. The boycott ended Saturday, but the grievances remain.

Afghanistan: A decade of war,A10356 USA Today’s online gallery of Afghanistan war photos.

Afghanistan: Operation Enduring Misery

The ten-year occupation of Afghanistan has been an expensive failure for the United states and has destabilized the entire region. Commentary by Eric Margolis.

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