Friday, January 7, 2011

Priority for Obama: Stop the Wars


More Troops Not the Answer in Afghanistan

By Rep. Barbara Lee

Beaver County Peace Links via Huffington Post

In response to reports that an additional 1,400 U.S. troops will be deployed to Afghanistan in the coming weeks, I must state that I categorically oppose a further escalation of the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan.

In 2001, I placed the lone vote against the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Afghanistan because I believed that it might pave the way to open-ended war.

Unfortunately, each week brings additional news that my worst fears have been realized.

This action will further entrench the United States Armed Forces in Afghanistan on the false premise of a military-first strategy that has consistently proven itself ineffective and counterproductive.

This latest troop deployment is yet another example of more predictable and misguided recommendations that the situation in Afghanistan demands more time, more lives, and more resources.

Just six months away from the President's pledged start of withdrawal from Afghanistan in July 2011, sending more of our brave men and women in uniform into an impossible situation in Afghanistan is not the answer.

As we enter the 112th Congress, we must make it a top priority to end this war.

That is why I will be reintroducing my legislation to limit funding in Afghanistan to the safe and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops and military contractors and will further work with my colleagues to hold the President accountable for a significant July reduction in U.S. military presence.

[Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) represents the 9th Congressional District of California. She also is in the leadership of the Progressive Caucus and the Black Caucus.]

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